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Cheap Woocommerce Shipping Plugins for Australian Business


Woocommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress. As an online retailer in Australia, the most complicate part of online business is definitely the SHIPPING!  Business easily lose money on the shipping if not setting it up properly.

The cost of shipping in Australia varies depending on the destination. There are huge differences between major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other area like Alice Spring, Jervis Bay and Port Macquarie.

We know that wootheme developed some great shipping plugins but it costs USD$79~$199. That’s HUGE.

Here are a couple of cheap alternatives which offer great value with similar functions.

Table Rate Shipping (USD$22)


Great alternatives for Wootheme WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping but it costs only $22. You can setup multiple shipping zones based on postcode, state and country. You can also set your rates based on rules in a per order, per item, or per shipping class method.

Australia Post Shipping Calculator (USD$18)



If you use Australia Post, this plugin is a great alternative for Wootheme Australia Shipping Methods. Please note that this plugin was last updated in February 2015 . Please make sure you have the right version before you purchase

Fastway Shipping Pro by ospayment.com (USD$29)



If you are using Fastway for shipping your goods, you definitely need to purchase this plugin.

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