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WordPress Plugins You Should Install

THEME CHECKER: This checks to see that a sites theme is working with the latest updates. Theme review standards are updated on a regular basis. They are expected to be assessable, have error free and valid code, have translatable text, not have plugins within the code (though it may use and recommend them), and adhere to several other pages of requirements designed to make the site better functioning and compatible with others.

Theme checker is a general overview of what is and is not compatible in your site; it does not force you to change anything. Sires can be manually checked by wordpress.org, though this is time consuming. Theme checker is fine if you want to see how compatible your site already is, or check to see if anything has changed with a previously checked site.


JETPACK: A plugin that does several thing. It speeds up images, reducing load time and bandwidth. It shows who is visiting the site and give advice for increasing traffic. And amongst other things it also looks at after brute force security issues, and makes sure other plugins are updated.


WS HEADER CLEANER: This performs the simple but vital task of removing all dead links from your site, which have a negative impact on your SEO ranking. Much faster and more thorough than removing the links yourself this is quite useful.


MANG BOARD: a bulletin board for any site that might benefit from such a thing.


WP SPAMSHIELD AND ANTI-SPAM: Spam is a complex thing, even as it is simply annoying. Most Spam is created by bots; the outer levers of spamshield will eliminate bots and make sure all users are human. The next levels screen the humans with malicious intent. Real humans get a second chance to resend legitimate content. There are no false positives with this system.

Other plugins notify you about Spam; you still have to filter them out yourself. This prevents them from even getting on your site. Getting rid of Spam means further improving security and site run-speed.


WP SMUSH or EWWW IMAGE OPTIMIZER: These compress image file sizes so they can transfer much faster. Smush is the older technology, and while it will become obsolete it still holds an advantage over non-compressed images.


CLEAN ARCHIVES: I don’t need to point out the problem of keeping all posts on one very long list; these take forever to load. Clean Archives creates a page with links to monthly grouped posts, for those who do need the archives form time to time.


BACKUP BUDDY: Creates periodic backups of the website to the Cloud.

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